The story ~

Of Modern Ayurveda

High-active compositions elevating skincare to an art form and your deepest authentic beauty to the surface

The beginning

We started off with ~ skincare ~ for face and body. Since then, we have added hair care and a line of body care.

Old Age Ayurvedic

Remedies Packed In Bottles

The story

Our vision is to create and provide the comfort of using natural ingredients with complete ease, without the harmful chemicals and ill effects of potential commercial products. Dedicated to providing supreme quality products, our inherent mission is to revolutionize unethical practices of beauty industries which negatively impact humans, animals & nature alike.

Our slogan is ~ The Modern Art of Ayurveda ~. Because apart from offering effective and luxurious beauty products, we also believe that a responsible business should contribute to creating a better world. Nothing less. We want to inspire everyone to see new possibilities in sustainable and responsible skincare.

Only natural ingredients

In developing our products, we use the best that ~ nature has ~ to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into luxurious formulas.

Organic Ingredients